Evil Dead Rise Trailer Revealed and Horror Fans Love the Cheese Grater

The first Evil Dead Rise trailer has arrived and fans love the pure horror movie vibes the film seems to be going for. While some are upset at the new Evil Dead movie trailer for sadly lacking either series star Ash (Bruce Campbell) or Evil Dead 2013’s Mia (Jane Levy), most love what’s in there. The Necronomicon, chainsaw, and a disturbing cheese grater, in particular.

Horror movie fans love the Evil Dead Rise trailer and its groovy cheese grater

The Evil Dead Rise red band trailer is below and it showcases just how much of a pure horror movie it is. While previous Evil Dead movies, including the recent TV series Ash vs Evil Dead, sometimes stray into cheesy comedy, Evil Dead Rise appears to be a proper scary experience — and fans are overjoyed.

Aside from being complete horror, the trailer also confirms series mainstays the Necronomicon (which still has teeth), the chainsaw, the iconic ‘evil presence’ moving camera, and a creepy cabin.

While the cheese is missing, a cheese grater has received the most attention in the trailer. A character catches the grater in a similar way to Ash grabbing a chainsaw. They then proceed to use the grater on someone’s arm, making the entire horror community freak out.

Some fans are hoping that Warner Bros and Saber Interactive will add the cheese grater to last year’s Evil Dead: The Game as a new weapon. Fans can only hope.

The only complaints so far seem to be the lack of Bruce Campbell. Despite Campbell insisting that he has retired from playing Ash Williams on screen, fans still hope that he will put in at least a cameo appearance. Some are also hoping that Jane Levy’s Mia from Evil Dead 2013 shows up too or in the next sequel.

Evil Dead Rise opens in theaters on April 21, 2023.

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