is ash in evil dead rise

Fans Hope For Evil Dead Rise Ash Cameo, Despite Bruce Campbell ‘Retirement’

The new Evil Dead Rise trailer was released to much acclaim, but fans still want to know whether Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams will feature. An Evil Dead Rise Ash cameo is almost expected at this point. Bruce Campbell’s character has appeared in every project from the 1981 original to the recent game, and fans hope Ash will return again.

Will Ash be in Evil Dead Rise or not?

The first Evil Dead Rise trailer launched to much acclaim, but a few fans lament that series star Ash (Bruce Campbell) may not appear in the movie. It seems unlikely that Bruce Campbell will have a full appearance in Evil Dead Rise as he officially “retired the character” following the end of Ash vs Evil Dead. According to Campbell in an interview with Variety (below), Ash will appear in Evil Dead Rise in voice form but probably will not have an on-screen appearance.

Then again, Campbell appeared in Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness in a very Ash-like role. A longer cameo in Evil Dead Rise might not be completely off the table, in that case. Campbell returned in the 2022 videogame Evil Dead: The Game. He even had a post-credits cameo in the Evil Dead 2013 reboot. Following the release of the trailer, fans are hoping for something similar this time.

Other fans are hoping Evil Dead Rise will continue the 2013 reboot’s storyline and include Mia (Jane Levy). Since Ash made a cameo appearance in that movie, it seems canonical.

Nevertheless, fans mostly appear to love the first Evil Dead Rise trailer and the current cast of characters, led by Alyssa Sutherland as the creepy undead Ellie and Lily Sullivan as Beth. The use of a cheese grater as a weapon went down particularly well with audience reactions.

Evil Dead Rise has a release date of April 21, 2023.

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