Which Steam Deck Should I Buy In 2023

Which Steam Deck Should I Buy In 2023?

The Steam Deck is a huge deal in the gaming world currently, partially due to the fact that there’s a massive sale currently going on. The issue is that there are three different models to choose from, all of which offer different boons, and it can cause choice paralysis as you actually look at them. That’s where we come in. Here’s our guide on which Steam Deck you should buy in 2023.

Which Steam Deck model should you buy?

There are three different Steam Deck models on sale:

  • 64 GB
  • 256 GB
  • 512 GB

All of the models come with a carrying case, but the 64 GB comes with a slower hard drive in an eMMC, whereas the rest of the models on sale are NVMe SSDs that run much faster. With that said, the slower speeds only impact game load times with gameplay left unaffected. The entry-level option is still a superb choice that can be equipped with a cheap SD card to give it a storage boost.

The 256 GB model will likely be good enough for most gamers who aren’t looking to have a lot of games installed at once (although for those who want that, it’s worth noting you can upgrade the storage with a MicroSD card). It comes with a faster SSD, meaning all of your games will load a lot faster than on the 64 GB model, and you’ll be able to play more intensive titles.

The final model is the 512 GB model, which offers no speed improvement over the 256 GB model but does offer more storage and an anti-glare screen that’s extremely useful for traveling a lot, but it’s not worth the additional cost unless you really want that anti-glare screen.

For most gamers, the 256 GB model of the Steam Deck will be perfect.

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