Starfield: a spaceship blowing up another one.

Starfield Will Have ‘Fewest Bugs’ of Any Bethesda Game, Microsoft Says

The heads of Xbox want anyone looking forward to Starfield to know that this game has the “fewest bugs” of any Bethesda title. However, some people remain skeptical.

Is that something to boast about, though?

In the latest podcast from Giant Bomb, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty is confident that if Starfield were to release today, it would be in a better state than any other game from the Skyrim developer.

Given that there are still a few more months to go, this suggests that the game could be relatively bug-free once it launches on September 6, especially compared to the likes of The Elder Scrolls 5. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure until it actually comes out, but Booty left the Giant Bomb team excited with his assurance that it’s the least buggy release from Bethesda.

However, some people are not entirely convinced about this. Over on Twitter, a few comments have been left below the Giant Bomb clip that features Booty’s “fewest bugs” quote. Replies from a number of users believe that the Xbox Game Studios boss could be exaggerating to drum up even more hype.

Some have even said that he’s outright lying, while others believe that Starfield being less buggy than Skyrim does not mean the former won’t necessarily be free of any problems.

Others still may be curious as to how saying a game being the least glitchy of any Bethesda title is something to boast about. Many Elder Scrolls and Fallout fans – especially Fallout 76 – know how troublesome new releases from Todd Howard and his team can be.

To this day, Skyrim is still loaded with issues. Saying Starfield will be in a better state than TES5 might not be the flex Booty thinks it is. However, it is true that there is still time to work on the game, so hopefully Bethesda’s space-faring RPG will be in good shape from day one.

You can check out Giant Bomb’s full interview with Phil Spencer and Matt Booty below.

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