The Password Game Rule 5 Digits Must Add Up to Twenty Five

The Password Game Rule 5: How to Make Digits Add Up to 25

For Rule 5 of The Password Game, you must make the digits in your password add up to 25. You might be a bit confused by this instruction since, at this point, you’ll likely only have a single digit. However, this is an easy instruction to follow, and there’s an almost limitless amount of answers that’ll work.

How to make the digits in your password add up to 25 for The Password Game Rule 5

To fulfill Rule 5 in The Password Game, you must make the digits in your password add up to 25. At this point, you’ll have at least one number, which was required for Rule 2. So, you need to add enough digits to your password that the sum of all the numbers equals 25.

For example:

  • 997 (9+9+7=25)
  • 9871 (9+8+7+1=25)
  • 55555 (5+5+5+5+5=25)
  • 4444441 (4+4+4+4+4+4+1=25)
  • 1111111111111111111111111 (You get the picture)

Note that these numbers can be located anywhere in your password. They don’t have to be adjacent to each other to count.

More The Password Game

The tough part of following Rule 5 will come later. Any numeral you add to the password will add to the total. So, you’ll need to be ready to balance everything out as required. As you progress in the game, remember that other rules might necessitate adding digits to your password, such as including a leap year. So you must be strategic about which numbers you choose to satisfy Rule 5 and how you might adapt to following rules.

Adding 7 and 18 is one of the least cumbersome ways to reach 25, as it creates room for future manipulations. Alternatively, you can keep numbers spread evenly, like 44444 and 5, allowing you to alter the sum when you add or subtract digits due to later rules.

Again, you should remember that Rule 5 only mentions “digits,” not “numbers.” So, a ‘number’ like 11 will count as two digits (1+1=2).

In the end, the beauty of Rule 5 lies in the balance you maintain as the rules pile up. With careful planning and quick adaptations, this seemingly simple rule becomes a strategic pivot in The Password Game.

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