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Exoprimal Single-Player Mode: Is There a Solo Campaign?

An Exoprimal single-player mode has been highly requested by fans. Capcom’s newest dino survival game features teams of pilots in exosuits defeating waves of enemies in PvP and PvPvE. But many players are wondering if there is a solo campaign where you can fight through the dinosaurs by yourself and not have to worry about any multiplayer component. Here’s whether or not you can play Exoprimal in a single-player mode.

Is there a Exoprimal single-player mode?

No, Exoprimal is not a single-player game.

Similar to the original Titanfall, the campaign has a storyline and cutscenes with various NPCs, which involves the Leviathan AI and a motley crew of mercenaries. But the story advances by you completing online matches in multiplayer. At launch, Exoprimal’s main Dino Survival mode will put you in PvP and PvE matches, and you’ll need to complete these stages to get through the campaign.

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The tutorial of the game is the only place where there’s a taste of a single-player game with bots, but there’s currently no way to play the campaign intentionally with bots. The server will match you up with other players for each chapter of the story. Fortunately, Exoprimal has crossplay between PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, so it should be easy to find a match without having to wait too long.

If you’re looking for more PvE modes, you’ll need to wait about two weeks for Savage Gauntlet, which launches during the start of Season 1. Savage Gauntlet will feature weekly missions that will challenge players with end-game missions, while Season 1 comes with Alpha variant exosuits on August 16.

Capcom has also announced that Exoprimal will have collaborations with Street Fighter 6, bringing mech versions of Ryu and Guile to the game, and with Monster Hunter. There aren’t too many details about the Monster Hunter crossover, but there are plenty of dinosaur monsters in the series that can easily hop over to Exoprimal.

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