Four bank robbers behind the Payday 3 logo.

Payday 3 Matchmaking Now ‘Stable,’ QoL Improvements on the Way

When Payday 3 launched recently, it was met with very negative feedback, largely owing to issues with online matchmaking. Now, Starbreeze Studios has released a patch that the developer says makes things more “stable.”

No word about offline mode, though

In a recent post on the Starbreeze website, the company said it had carried out some maintenance over the weekend. One of the key things was implementing improvements to the matchmaking feature.

This means that anyone who’s been finding it difficult to get a session going in Payday 3 should find it much easier now. On top of this, the developer says that more patches are on the way.

For example, October will see some quality-of-life improvements rolling out for all platforms. Following this, as we head into the final weeks of 2023, we should also start seeing some “new content and new functionality” being added to the latest Payday entry. The specifics of these are not known yet.

However, there’s been no mention of a possible offline mode being implemented. Payday 3 fans who were only interested in solo campaigns were dissatisfied when the game required a constant internet connection, even when not playing online.

When it released just under two weeks ago, there was something of a backlash against Starbreeze and publisher Deep Silver. Many were finding it frustrating that they couldn’t find a match so they could play, which led to immediate and harsh feedback after the game launched.

At the time of writing, Payday 3 currently has a Steam score of “Mostly Negative.” Whether this latest update will be able to redeem it somewhat cannot be said at this stage. However, it looks as though the heist FPS will be seeing greater improvements going forward.

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