AC Mirage A Gift For You Enigma: How to Find

AC Mirage A Gift For You Enigma: How to Find the Fountain With a Tribute

The Assassin’s Creed Mirage A Gift For You enigma is the second enigma about a gift. It is also one that players may accidentally stumble upon later in the game. Here’s how to find the AC Mirage A Gift For You enigma.

How to find the AC Mirage A Gift For You enigma

To find the AC Mirage A Gift For You enigma, you will have to track down the scroll that unlocks the quest. This one is in the southwestern corner of The Round City in a nondescript house in the spot on the map in the above picture.

However, unlike many of the scrolls, this one takes some work to get to. You’ll have to go the northeastern part of the house and aim at the window on the other side with a throwing knife (if you are out of throwing knives, there are some right above the window you need to aim through). Toss a knife at the barred window on the other side to smash it open. Then go into that newly opened window and grab the enigma scroll. It is just on a couch.

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The note has a message to someone:

“Oh, sweet-singing poetess! I have left you a gift, a token of my eternal gratitude, and while it is merely a trifle, I would be inconsolable if it did not find your hands! So use your prodigious creative to solve this mystery. Go to where the men speak the opposite of poetry. While your verses set people free, their sentences imprison. In the west of the square, find the fountain to find my tribute to you.”

The “imprison” part implies that it will be at the big prison. However, that hint is a little misleading since it is referring to the step before prison: the courts. The treasure is at the Mazalim Courts, which are in the northern part of The Round City.

Go to the spot at the above map and look in the fountain on the west side, as the clue states. You will see the glowing aura there. Dig it up to get the Bedouin talisman, which is a cosmetic doodad you can put on Basim’s back.

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