Alan Wake 2 Doll Puzzle Solutions: How to Solve the Hero, Crow, and Wolf Doll Puzzles

Alan Wake 2 Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme Doll Puzzle Solutions

The Alan Wake 2 doll puzzle solutions call on players to use wolf, hero, and crow dolls on some chalk drawings in a certain order. However, these nursery rhyme puzzles have multiple different options and aren’t completely spelled out. Here’s how to solve the doll puzzles in Alan Wake 2.

How to solve the Cauldron Lake nursery rhyme puzzles in Alan Wake 2

There are four nursery rhyme puzzles in Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2.

Witchfinder’s Station nursery rhyme puzzle 1

Alan Wake 2 Doll Puzzle Solutions: How to Solve the Hero, Crow, and Wolf Doll Puzzles

The first chalk puzzle in the Witchfinder’s Station in Alan Wake 2 only involves the crow doll. The crow doll can be found just on a table near the waterfront by the puzzle itself. The clue reads:

“One bird for light, two for darkness, three birds for a fight, four for a struggle, five birds for injury, six for misery, seven for the ending, whatever it may be.”

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The answer is not too clear from that riddle, but it requires players to place the crow doll on the sun in the top left. The screen will flash with some static if you’ve done it correctly. Pick the crow doll back up and look at the table where you got the crow doll, as a bird will drop a charm on the table.

  • Alan Wake 2 Doll Puzzle Solutions: How to Solve the Hero, Crow, and Wolf Doll Puzzles

Witchfinder’s Station nursery rhyme puzzle 2

The second chalk puzzle is by the nearby cabin in Witchfinder’s Station. It requires that you get the wolf and hero dolls, which are the upstairs room in the cabin with the camera in it near the crib. The riddle reads:

“The Hero brave and strong, left home to right a wrong. From the woods came the Wolf so greedy and hungry that he at what he found in the house with a host. The Hero returned to find she’d lost the thing she loved the most.”

This one is a little more telling and means you have to place the hero on the boat on the bottom left and the wolf on the tree in the bottom right. Static will flash over the screen once again if you’ve done it correctly. This will spawn some footprints that lead into the house. Follow them up to the crib for another item that will save you once if you die, as long as you have it equipped.

Streamside nursery rhyme puzzle 1

The third doll puzzle is near the private cabin with the thermos that’s just southeast of the cabin. The clue reads:

“A mother-Crow sits in her nest guarding her babies, doing her best. To protect her home from the Beast coming to feast. But only a Hero brae of heart can keep the two apart.”

Put the crow on the spot with the bird in the egg, put the wolf on the house to the right, and then place the hero on the heart on the top. The screen will flash one final time with static. To get your prize for finishing the quest, go to the small body of water in the streamside part of the map to the north. Be prepared and have a gun ready and approach the broken birdhouse.

Rental Cabins nursery rhyme puzzle 1

The fourth nursery rhyme in Cauldron Lake requires the bolt cutters and is on the east side of the map in the Rental Cabins. It reads:

“Our hero courageous and true stalked by the monster hatching through. The clever crows caw their warning and keep an eye on the battle forming. When the fight is done and over, the hero and the crows reap the rewards left for her.”

The crows keeping an eye on the battle means the crow doll goes on the eyeball to the left. The monster hatching means the monster doll goes on the egg on the bottom left. This leaves the hero doll on the two rings at the top since that is the most fitting answer. Solving this drops a charm in the house opposite the one with the rhyme. Just be sure to have a gun ready when you step outside.

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