Alan Wake 2 Police Station Shotgun Lock Code

Alan Wake 2 Police Station Shotgun Lock Code

The Alan Wake 2 shotgun in the police station is a hefty upgrade to the previous shotgun from the convenience store. This one also has players solving a riddle to unlock a lock. Here’s how to get the pump-action shotgun in Alan Wake 2 and how to get the shotgun unlock code in the police station. 

How to get the shotgun in the police station in Alan Wake 2

To get the shotgun unlock code in the police station as Saga in Alan Wake 2, you will need to take note of the various clues littered around the office. The key parts of the code are related to the hand-written note and the three books near the computer. The books have three volumes, which are pretty clearly meant to point to the three numbers in the code.

  • Alan Wake 2 Police Station Shotgun Lock Code
  • Alan Wake 2 Police Station Shotgun Lock Code

The important bit for the code is tied to the author’s name, as each book has a different author. The note next to the books uses a simple cipher to convert letters to numbers for the padlock. To get the right numbers for the lock, cycle through the number pad and count up a letter each time starting with A being one, B being two, and so forth (don’t skip over zero, as J and U are both zero).

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The first letter is Q because the author of the first volume is Quincey, the second letter is B because the author of the second author is Batson, and last letter is W because the author of the final volume is Westmore. Scrolling through the lock for QBW leads to the code being 723.

Once you input the code, the pump-action shotgun is yours. You may have to make room in your inventory, so be sure to go back down to the morgue area to deposit items in the shoebox. While the pump-action shotgun takes the same ammo as the sawed-off shotgun, it fires more quickly and has separate upgrades in the mind place.

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