Alan Wake 2 Missable Collectibles: Are There Items You Can Miss?

Alan Wake 2 Missable Collectibles: Are There Items You Can Miss?

Alan Wake 2 missable collectibles would ruin any completionist run. Some sections on the critical path do kick the player out, after all. So are there missable collectibles or items in Alan Wake 2?

Are there missable collectibles in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 has missable collectibles in multiple senses of the term, making this is a little complicated and a break from Control, which had no missables. The first missable collectible is pretty early on in the employee lounge in the police station in Return 3: Local Girl. It is a video from the Koskela brothers and it plays in the sheriff’s station employee lounge.

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The other missable collectibles are in Alan’s chapters. The first is in Initiation 5: Room 665 and it’s a video that plays at the Vision TV Shop in the hub area. It will stop playing after Initiation 5: Room 665 ends, so grab it before heading into the hotel to be safe. The third missable is in the same chapter inside the hotel in room 101. Get the key in the ballroom break room near the thermos and then go back down to that room to watch another video.

The fourth missable video won’t that missable for players that pay attention. Just be sure to grab Alice’s photos in Initiation 7: Masks. They’re in the basement of the TV studio, which you can enter through a staircase near the studio. Finish the chapter and you will automatically see the video.

The last traditionally missable collectible is in Initiation 8: Zane’s Film. When you get the Grandmaster plot thread, you will eventually end up going through a loop in your journey to the projector’s room. The third loop will have a new door you can open and it have another video.

Alan Wake 2 is getting a New Game Plus mode sometime in the future, but it’s unclear when. It’s also not clear if collectibles will transfer over or if it will make people who just missed a few items collect everything again.

However, just about everything is missable because of how Alan Wake 2 handles its points of no return. The end of Return 6: Scratch and Initiation 8: Zane’s Film are Saga’s and Alan’s points of no return, respectively. Going past those will lock players out of that character’s items, upgrades, and collectibles. As such, make a few manual saves and stop progressing the story after getting to both points of not return in order to grab everything in one go.

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