Alan Wake 2 Work Log Bright Falls Stash Code Location

Alan Wake 2 Work Log Bright Falls Stash Code Location

The Alan Wake 2 Work log Bright Falls stash code solution is going to be easy for those who know Bright Falls fairly well. But it is a bit of a headache for those who don’t, as it speaks of a park, TV, and a bench with no other directions. Here’s how to complete the Work Log stash in Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

Where is the Work Log stash code solution in Alan Wake 2?

To figure out the stash code solution for the Work Log stash in Alan Wake 2, you will first have to find the park it is referring to. It does not outright tell players to go to a park, but all of the context clues point to a park, given how it mentions a statue, benches, and trees. The park in question is right across the street near the Oh Deer Diner. It has a big orange tree near it, making it somewhat easy to spot.

  • Alan Wake 2 Work Log Bright Falls Stash Code Location
  • Alan Wake 2 Work Log Bright Falls Stash Code Location
  • Alan Wake 2 Work Log Bright Falls Stash Code Location
  • Alan Wake 2 Work Log Bright Falls Stash Code Location

Go in the park and look up at the satellite dish. Note that it has two arrows pointing up that are right next to each other, which is the first symbol for the lock. This symbol is referenced in the note in the section about the “poor TV reception.” The second one is on the ground near the benches, and is a reference to part about the trash can needing more paint. This symbol has arrows pointing left and right and is in the shape of a diamond.

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The final symbol in the gazebo in the park and is two arrows pointing up. This hint is a little more obscure, as it notes that the painter tried to paint a tree but had to “cool down on a bench in the sheltered area” because it was too hot. This final symbol is two triangles pointing up that are stacked on top of each other.

Take note of all three symbols and punch them into the lock on the stash box. If done correctly, it will unlock and yield some resources like a flashbang grenade and flare.

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