Monopoly Go Plus Plus Mod APK Scam Real Legit Unlimited Free Dice Cash

Monopoly Go Plus Plus: Is This Mod APK a Scam?

The Monopoly Go Plus Plus app, otherwise known as Monopoly Go++, hawks itself as a modded version of the game. This Mod APK for Android and iOS devices comes with the claim that you will earn an infinite number of free dice rolls and cash so that you don’t have to worry about having to stop playing when they run out of rolls. Having loads of cash will also make upgrading landmarks a breeze. Whether you want to call this a hack or a cheat, many players just want to know whether this is legit or a scam. Here’s whether the Monopoly Go Plus Plus mod APK works or doesn’t work.

Is the Monopoly Go Plus Plus mod APK legit or a scam?

Multiple users on the Monopoly Go Reddit who have looked into various mods like Monopoly Go Plus Plus say that they don’t really work.

In various threads, some say that the mod APK is legit but that it requires a lot of steps to install properly while others say that it is a complete scam. There are more saying that it is a waste of time than otherwise. We also recommend that you err on the side of caution here regardless. Installing any APK on your device is an easy way of getting a virus that will brick your phone.

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Even if the modded version of the game is at all genuine, it will need to connect to the official game servers in order to work. This is because Monopoly Go has leaderboards for events and require that you interact with other players for shutdowns and heists to work. At the point of installation, your game or account will likely be banned because the servers detect that your version of Monopoly Go isn’t the same, or you’ll be forced to download the latest version of Monopoly Go anyway via an update.

For more Monopoly Go guides, here’s how to get gold cards for free and how to unlock new shield skins.

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