Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key Location: How to Get into the Watery Lighthouse

Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key Location: How to Get into the Watery Lighthouse

Knowing the Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key location is what is going to get players into the giant beaming tower in Watery. But it does not seem to be in the immediate vicinity. Here’s how to get into the lighthouse in Watery in Alan Wake 2.

How to get the lighthouse key in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key Location: How to Get into the Watery Lighthouse

There is no set location for the lighthouse key in Alan Wake 2. It will likely be different for most players since you get the lighthouse key by finding all the cult stashes littered around Watery, Cauldron Lake, and Bright Falls.

Opening the 22nd cult stash will have the lighthouse key inside of it on top of whatever other resources it was going to have. Saga will even make a remark on the key since these boxes have not previously had keys in them.

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Once you have gotten the key, go back to the lighthouse in Watery (be sure to do it before the point of no return). The pre-endgame parts for Saga are incredibly dark, so refer to the above map for the location.

Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key Location: How to Get into the Watery Lighthouse

Go to the top of the hill and use the lighthouse key on the lighthouse door. There are many supplies in here, so make sure to have some room in your inventory (there’s a shoebox just down the hill a bit from the lighthouse). There are also a few pieces of manuscript pages speaking to the Cult of the Tree. These sheets give players some insight on the two Koskela brothers, as well as an alternate view on the raid in Bright Falls from the perspective of the cult.

It is a relatively small room and does not have any trophies or achievements tied directly to it. Instead, the “Hidden by the Trees” trophy and achievement only requires players to find all the cult stashes and lunch boxes. Regardless, the extra narrative context and resources are the rewards for finishing this collectible-driven questline.

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