Alan Wake 2 Lightbulb Stash Code Solution

The Alan Wake 2 lightbulb stash code solution is yet another puzzle revolving around the flashlight. But, like most of the stashes, it is not that straightforward. Here’s how to get the lightbulb stash code in Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

What is the Alan Wake 2 lightbulb stash code solution?

To solve the lightbulb stash code puzzle in the woods outside Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2, you will have to follow the yellow symbols painted around the environment. This is a little confusing at first since it might not be clear what order to start from.

  • Alan Wake 2 Lightbulb Stash Code Solution
  • Alan Wake 2 Lightbulb Stash Code Solution

Begin at the chest itself. There will be an arrow pointing left which is also pointing to another arrow pointing left. This is pointing to the first symbol, which is a sideways diamond with a line down the middle.

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There is a sneaky arrow just beneath it to the left that is pointing left that is pointing to an arrow pointing down. There is nothing beneath the arrow itself, but it is telling you to turn around and see the second symbol, which is two triangles next to each other that are pointing down.

The arrow next to the second lock code symbol is pointing up and to the right at a tree. Look to that tree and see the final arrow that is pointing down and to the right to the last arrow, which is right by the final symbol: an hourglass.

Alan Wake 2 Lightbulb Stash Code Solution

Go back to the stash and, as shown in the above picture, put in those three symbols in that order: a sideways diamond with a line down the middle, two triangles next to each other that are pointing down, and an hourglass. This will unlock the stash and give you some resources like a rocket flare, a flashbang grenade, and some ammo.

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