Alan Wake 2 Trailer Park Stash Key Location

Alan Wake 2 Trailer Park Stash Key Location

The Alan Wake 2 trailer park stash key location is for those who want to unlock the box in the trailer park that has no paper on it. These papers usually contain a hint or two on where to find the key or code, but this one is a little more obtuse. Here’s how to get the trailer park stash key in Alan Wake 2.

How to get the trailer park stash key in Alan Wake 2

  • Alan Wake 2 Trailer Park Stash Key Location

To get the trailer park stash key in Alan Wake 2, you will first have to do some breaking and entering, which requires the screwdriver that you get in Coffee World. As seen in the above picture, the trailer right behind the stash has a padlock on the door, which you need to break off with the screwdriver.

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Once inside, make your way to the room in the back with the computer in it, which is near the kitchen. Pilfer through the emails to see an email called, “The keys.” It has a character named Tony Tennenbaum saying that he “moved the keys somewhere the flooding can’t wash them away.” It is also notes this spot is a “bit harder to reach.”

  • Alan Wake 2 Trailer Park Stash Key Location
  • Alan Wake 2 Trailer Park Stash Key Location

These are the in-game hints to the key’s location. Go outside and look to your immediate right. You will see a blue container with a plank of wood on the side, creating a ramp that you can use. Go up the ramp and you will see the keys perched on the power box, as shown in the above picture.

Snatch the keys and the make your way to the box, which is nearby. Unlock the box using the trailer park stash key and it will open to reveal a few items including an arrow for the crossbow, a propane tank, and a trauma pad.

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