Monopoly Go Crashing Error Bug Fix Glitch Keeps Restarting

Monopoly Go Crashing Error: How to Fix “We’re Sorry, An Error Occurred” Restart Bug

A frustrating Monopoly Go crashing error is impacting many players from progressing in the game. On occasion, a prompt will appear on the screen stating that an error has occurred with the full message reading, “We’re sorry, an error occurred requiring the game to restart.” The game will then reload and put you in a state where you’re a few dice rolls behind where you were. But when you start playing again, the message will pop up again, creating a cycle where the game keeps crashing and restarting. Here’s how to fix this error loop in Monopoly Go for iOS and Android.

How to fix Monopoly Go crashing error

To fix the crashing error loop in Monopoly Go, you need to wait for developer Scopely to figure out what has gone wrong with the servers before you continue playing.

We recommend that you wait about 30 minutes before you try to relog into the game. A developer named Cody on a Monopoly Go Discord has reportedly stated that when this error happens, it’s important not to open the app. This is because doing so might make you lose your High Roller, Mega Heist, or other bonuses in the game.

More Monopoly GO

When the Monopoly Go server has issues, your game will default to your last auto-save. It will allow you to roll a few times, but then tries to upload your new save state to the server, which then returns the error if it is down.

In other words, you don’t need to try restarting the game over and over again, uninstalling and then re-install the app, or deleting the game’s cache. Yes, it can be frustrating to wait, especially if an event with significant rewards is in its final hours, but you’ll be better off not corrupting your save in some way by opening the app when the servers haven’t been fixed yet.

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