MW3 Zombies Easter Egg Chessboard Puzzle Vault Door Modern Warfare 3

MW3 Zombies Easter Egg: How to Solve Chessboard Puzzle to Open Vault in Modern Warfare 3

A new MW3 Zombies easter egg involves a simple but time-intensive chessboard puzzle. On the Urzikstan map, you can come across various mini-boss zombies that have names of various chess pieces. You can also find blue glowing radios that come up with the “Send Transmission to H7” message prompt when you get close to them. If you head to a mansion within H7 and head to the bottom of the building, you’ll find a locked vault with four red lights on it. Next to the door is a chessboard with some black chess pieces that have been knocked over, giving you a hint on opening the vault door. Here’s how to unlock the vault door by completing the chessboard easter egg in Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode.

How to solve chessboard puzzle for MW3 Zombies easter egg

MW3 Zombies Easter Egg Chessboard Puzzle Vault Door

To solve the chessboard puzzle easter egg in MW3 and open the vault door, you need to find all four tablet transmissions represented by the black chess pieces on the board.

If you look at the chessboard, you can use it as a rough map of where every radio is located. The top-left corner of the chessboard is about B1 on the full Urzikstan map whereas the lower-right corner is about I8. This means the Bishop piece is on D1, the Pawn piece is on I1, the Rook piece is on C5, and the Knight is on G6. Once you send the transmission you need in each of these locations, the chess piece associated with it will be knocked over on the chessboard.

Here’s what each chess piece represents:

  • Pawn – Collectible in room near the pier
  • Knight – Zombie in a pickup truck that goes around train checks
  • Bishop – Zombie in railway tunnel that spawns with smoke grenades
  • Rook – Zombie inside hotel building in Ghalia Seaside that is full of mines
  • King – Treasure chest mimic inside the vault room

Now, there’s a fairly good chance that you won’t find a transmission at each location. There is sadly no particular reward for opening the vault door apart from getting the loot inside. One of these chests will be a chest mimic too called The King, so make sure you’re well-equipped for this fight beforehand.

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