Warzone 3 release date come out

Is There a Warzone 3 Release Date & Is It Coming Out?

With a new Call of Duty release, you might be waiting for Warzone 3 to come out. After all, when MW2 dropped, we got Warzone 2.0, which lived alongside the original – renamed Warzone Caldera – until it shut down in September 2023. So, is there an impending Warzone 3 release date, or is Activision switching things up once again?

Will there be a Warzone 3?

There won’t be a Warzone 3 release date, at least not this year. While Warzone 2.0 released alongside Modern Warfare 2 in 2022, Activision won’t be introducing a Warzone 3.0 with the launch of MW3. Instead, it looks like all the big changes will be released alongside MW3 Season 1, and the game will just be called “Warzone.”

It’s a bit confusing for players because the upcoming changes to Warzone are at least as significant as the ones introduced with Warzone 2.0. Al Mazrah will be replaced with the Urzikstan map, and movement will get an update, adding slide canceling, a tactical stance, and the new mantling system.

Unfortunately, this means that if you want to experience all that Al Mazrah and its connected maps have to offer, you’ll need to do it soon. While Vondel and Ashika Island will remain, Al Mazrah, Building 21, and Koschei Complex will all be vaulted, and there’s been no mention as to when or if they’ll return. Thankfully, Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep are slated to return in 2024. Still, we wouldn’t count on seeing the big maps like Verdansk, Caldera, or Al Mazrah again anytime soon.

As for Warzone’s future beyond 2023, Activision is focusing more on refining and evolving the existing Warzone 2.0 experience rather than launching a brand-new iteration. This could mean more frequent updates and map changes to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. This strategy indicates a shift towards maintaining and improving a single, robust Warzone platform rather than replacing it with entirely new versions at regular intervals.

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