MW3 Rank Reset Level Reset Modern Warfare 3

MW3 Rank Reset: Why is My Level Reset in Modern Warfare 3?

You might be surprised to find that your rank is reset in MW3. Activision made a big deal about the “Carry Forward” feature, which brings your accomplishments and items from MW2 into the new game. So why is your level reset in Modern Warfare 3, or is it a bug?

Does your MW2 rank reset in MW3?

Your rank is supposed to be reset in MW3. Unfortunately, the level reset is intended and not a bug. While quite a few things are included in the Carry Forward program, your personal XP is not part of it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things that do transfer to Modern Warfare 3, including:

  • Unlocked MW2 base weapons
  • Unlocked MW2 weapon blueprints
  • Unlocked MW2 weapon skins
  • MW2 weapon progression
  • Unlocked MW2 operators and operator skins
  • MW2 Emblems and Calling Cards
  • MW2 weapon charms and stickers

In addition to these, your Battle Pass progress from MW2 also carries forward to MW3. This means any tiers and rewards you’ve unlocked in the MW2 Battle Pass will be available in MW3. Also, your achievements and stats, like your kill/death ratio, wins, and playtime, are transferred over. This helps maintain a sense of continuity in your gaming experience across the two games.

Another aspect that carries forward is your in-game currency. Any COD Points (CP) you have remaining in MW2 will be available in MW3, allowing you to use them for in-game purchases like the Battle Pass, store bundles, or other items.

Your friends list and clan information also transfer seamlessly. This makes it easier to team up with your usual squad and continue playing together without any hassles.

The Carry Forward feature is designed to reward players for their time and investment in MW2, making the transition to MW3 smoother and more rewarding. It ensures that while your level starts fresh, your overall gaming journey and accomplishments remain intact, adding value to your long-term engagement with the series.

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