MW3 Zombies Mercenary Stronghold Keycard Location Modern Warfare 3

MW3 Zombies Mercenary Stronghold Keycard Location: How to Find Stronghold Key Location

You’ll need to get Mercenary Stronghold Keycards in MW3 Zombies to enter these formidable areas. Once you find a Stronghold key, you can explore these areas to find excellent loot and a ton of zombies. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t give you any clues as to the location of a Merc Keycard. Instead, you’re stuck finding it yourself.

Where to find Merc Stronghold Keycard in MW3 Zombies

There are four locations we’ve discovered in MW3 Zombies where you can find a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard:

Mercenary Convoys

When you track down a Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies, you must trail them until the armored trucks pull over. When they do, a mix of human enemies will pour out. The higher-level foes, which are armored and called “Soldiers,” have a chance to drop a Merc Keycard when downed.

Mercenary Outposts

Along the same lines as the convoys, if you assault an outpost, you can sometimes find higher-level human enemies that can drop Stronghold keys upon death.


Though rare, some reports from players say they found a Stronghold Keycard in a cache. We haven’t run into one yet, but you’ll want to keep an eye out just in case.

Buy Stations

You can just purchase a Merc Stronghold Keycard at buy stations for 2,000 Essence. If you’ve got more cash than you know what to do with, that’s a good option, but we’d rather save that chunk of change for the Pack-a-Punch.

In addition to these locations, it’s worth noting that the drop rate for Merc Stronghold Keycards can vary. The randomness adds a layer of unpredictability to the game, making each playthrough unique. As for Buy Stations, while they offer a more direct route to getting a Keycard, managing your resources effectively is crucial. Essence is valuable, and spending it on a keycard means you might have to forego other upgrades or essential items. Balancing your need for a Keycard with other in-game priorities is crucial to successfully navigating MW3 Zombies.

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