LEGO Indiana Jones Cheats: Cheat Codes For PS3 and How to Enter Them

LEGO Indiana Jones Cheats: Cheat Codes For PS3 and How to Enter Them

LEGO Indiana Jones PS3 cheats will let players unlock new characters, useful gear, and many other in-game features. Here’s a LEGO Indiana Jones cheats list and how to enter and activate cheat codes in the game.

LEGO Indiana Jones cheats list for PS3

Here’s every LEGO Indiana Jones cheat code for PS3:

  • Artifact Detector – VIKED7
  • Beep Beep – VNF59Q
  • Character Treasure – VIES2R
  • Disarm Enemies – VKRNS9
  • Disguises – 4ID1N6
  • Fast Build – V83SLO
  • Fast Dig – 378RS6
  • Fast Fix – FJ59WS
  • Fertilizer – B1GW1F
  • Ice Rink – 33GM7J
  • Invincibility – B83EA1
  • Parcel Detector – VUT673
  • Poo Treasure – WWQ1SA
  • Regenerate Hearts – MDLP69
  • Secret Characters – 3X44AA
  • Silhouettes – 3HE85H
  • Super Scream – VN3R7S
  • Super Slap – 0P1TA5
  • Treasure x2 – VM4TS9
  • Treasure x4 – VLWEN3
  • Treasure x6 – V84RYS
  • Treasure x8 – A72E1M
  • Treasure x10 – VI3PS8
  • Treasure Magnet – H86LA2
  • Barranca – 04EM94
  • Belloq (Desert) – CHN3YU
  • Belloq (Jungle) – TDR197
  • Belloq (Priest) – VEO29L
  • Boxer – 8246RB
  • British Commander – B73EUA
  • British Officer – VJ5TI9
  • British Trooper – DJ5I2W
  • Captain Katanga – VJ3TT3
  • Chatterlal – ENW936
  • Chucin – 3NK48T
  • Colonel Dietrich – 2K9RKS
  • Colonel Vogel – 8EAL4H
  • Dancing Girl – C7EJ21
  • Desert Digger – 12N68W
  • Desert Enemy Officer – 2MK45O
  • Desert Masked Bandit – N48SF0
  • Desert Monkey Man – 3RF6YJ
  • Desert Soldier – 4NSU7Q
  • Desert Swordsman – 1MK4RT Donovan – 3NFTU8
  • Dr. Schneider (Desert) – JSNRT9
  • Dr. Schneider (Officer) – VMJ5US
  • Enemy Bazookaman – S93Y5R
  • Enemy Butler – VJ48W3
  • Enemy Communications Officer – 1MF94R
  • Enemy Guard – VJ7R51
  • Enemy Guard (Nepal) – YR47WM
  • Enemy Officer – 572E61
  • Enemy Pilot – B84ELP
  • Fedora – V75YSP
  • First Mate – 0GIN24
  • Grail Knight – NE6THI
  • Hovitos Tribesman – H0V1SS
  • Indiana Jones (Officer) – VJ85OS
  • Indiana Jones (Disguised) – 4J8S4M
  • Jungle Guide – 24PF34
  • Kaokan – WMO46L
  • Kazim (Desert) – 3M29TJ
  • Kazim (Venice) – NRH23J
  • Laoche – 2NK479
  • Maharaja – NFK5N2
  • Major Toht – 13NS01
  • Mola Ram – FJUR31
  • Pankot Assassin – 2NKT72
  • Pankot Guard – VN28RH
  • Punjabi Dignitary – KD48TN
  • Punjabi Village Elder – 4682E1
  • Sherpa Brawler – VJ37WJ
  • Sherpa Gunner – ND762W
  • Slave Child – 0E3ENW
  • Thuggee – VM683E
  • Thuggee Chatterlal – CNH4RY
  • Thuggee Priest – T2R3F9
  • Thuggee Slavedriver – VBS7GW
  • Willie (DJ) – VK93R7
  • Willie (Pajamas) – MEN4IP
  • Wuhan – 3NSLT8

How to enter and activate LEGO Indiana Jones cheats

To enter and activate LEGO Indiana Jones cheat codes, you must make your way to the math classroom at the university where you can enter and enable your required cheat code.

To activate the cheats, follow these steps:

  1. You need to visit the university first.
  2. Then head over to the math classroom.
  3. Here, you can enter your required cheat code.
  4. This will unlock the characters and gears you wish to enable.

LEGO Indiana Jones cheats explained

Players often seek cheat codes for LEGO Indiana Jones to get some extra help for solving missions and unlocking items.

The game’s description is as follows:

Build, Battle and Brawl your way out of trouble! Play through all three classic Indiana Jones movies and relive your favorite Indy adventures in the tongue-in-cheek worlds of LEGO. Explore and Discover – Battle enemies, solve puzzles, and seek out the world’s greatest treasures.

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