Jak 3 Cheats: Cheat Codes For PS4 & How to Enter Them

Jak 3 Cheats: Cheat Codes For PS4 & How to Enter Them

Jak 3 cheats will let players gain access to the debug mode in the game to use various cheats like flight mode, getting free skulls, orbs, ammo, weapons, and also health restoration. Here’s a Jak III cheats list and how to enter and activate cheat codes in the game.

Jak III cheats list for PlayStation 4

Here’s every Jak 3 cheat code for PS4:

  • While holding L3, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, X, Square, Circle, Square, Circle: Limited Debug Mode
  • While holding L3, press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up: Full Debug Mode
  • L2 + R2: Enable Flying
  • L1 + R1 + L2 + R2: Enable free cam
  • R2: Forward 1 game frame (While in pause menu)
  • L1: Lose a minigame
  • R1: Win a minigame
  • L3 + X: Get 1000 Skulls and Orbs, all Guns, the Jetboard, Ammo and a Dark/Light Eco refill
  • R2: Restore Health after taking damage
  • L2 + R1: Reveal hidden pause menu options
  • L1: Slow down a cutscene
  • R1: Speed up a cutscene
  • X: Reset a cutscene

How to enter and activate Jak 3 cheats

To enter and activate Jak 3 cheat codes, you must first enter debug mode using a button sequence. Once the player activates the limited and full debug modes, the other button combinations can be used to activate the cheats.

To activate the cheats, follow these steps:

  1. First, activate the limited debug mode and then the full debug mode one after the other.
  2. Now in-game or in the pause menu, depending on what cheat you want to use, press the buttons in the given combination.
  3. This will immediately activate the cheat.

Jak 3 cheats explained

Jak 3 uses a debug mode to cheat in the game. These cheats can be activated by using the button combinations only after getting into debug mode. Developers use this sometimes to test the game while fixing bugs. The cheats help in getting past levels and fights much more easily than through normal gameplay. Players can take advantage of the debug mode and also use the cheats at their convenience.

The game’s description is as follows:

“Jak 3 is a platform game developed by Naughty Dog for Sony’s PlayStation 2 console. The game is the sequel to Jak II, and third in the series. The game features new weapons and devices, new playable areas, and a storyline that picks up after the events of the previous games. As in the other games in the series, the player takes on the dual role of recurring protagonists Jak and Daxter.”

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