Monopoly Go Egyptian Treasures Milestones Rewards List Egypt Treasure

Monopoly Go Egyptian Treasures Milestones and Rewards List

The new Monopoly Go Egyptian Treasures mini-game has been released globally and comes with a fantastic set of prizes. In fact, some of the prizes are a new shield skin and an Egyptian Cat token (Update: the token has been confirmed). Like how the prior PEG-E mini-game worked, you need to grab tokens in order to play this event, though this time you need to earn pickaxe tokens. Each token will allow you to dig up one square on a puzzle grid where artifacts of various sizes are hidden. These pickaxes can be obtained as rewards in other events, like the two-day Tax Refund event.

The mini-game is similar to the board game Battleship, with the number and variety of artifacts increasing as you progress through all 16 puzzles in this Egypt-themed event. It will last until November 16, 2023 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, so there will be other tournaments and main events where you can gather additional tokens. Here is what we know so far about the list of milestones for the Egyptian Treasure mini-game in Monopoly Go for iOS and Android.

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What are the Monopoly Go Egyptian Treasures milestones?

The Egyptian Treasures mini-game for Monopoly Go has 16 tiers of rewards, with each one being awarded for completing their associated puzzle by digging up all of the artifacts on its grid:

  1. 75 Free Dice Rolls
  2. Green Safe – 100 Free Dice Rolls + 2-Star Orange Sticker Pack
  3. Green Safe – Cash + 3 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Token
  4. 175 Dice Rolls
  5. Green Safe – Cash + 3-Star Gold Pink Sticker Pack
  6. Blue Safe – 200 Free Dice Rolls + 4 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Token
  7. Blue Safe – 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack + 4 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Token
  8. 275 Free Dice Rolls
  9. Blue Safe – Cash + 5 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Token
  10. Pink Safe – 300 Free Dice Rolls + New Shield Skin
  11. Pink Safe – ???
  12. Pink Safe – ???
  13. Pink Safe – ???
  14. Pink Safe – ???
  15. Egyptian Cat Token
  16. Gold Safe – 2500 Free Dice Rolls + Cash + 1 Special Purple Pack (With 1 Minimum New Sticker)

The list above is what we know so far about specific rewards, but we should be able to uncover what the rest of the milestones are. We know the scorpion shield skin is locked at Level 10, and we believe that the Egyptian Cat token (it exists!) is hiding at Level 15. We will update this as soon as we have more information.

Using some strategy on where you dig on each grid, you don’t need to break every block in the puzzle. You’ll still need some luck to find a clue of where an artifact is hiding, but you can use the process of elimination to make any later guesses easier. Luckily, these artifacts show how they are oriented beneath the sand to make it easy to figure out where you need to dig next.

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