Forza Motorsport game breaking bug

Forza Motorsport Early Access has a Game-Breaking Bug

Forza Motorsport launches for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC on October 10 but is out now in early access. Unfortunately, some players are encountering a severe game-breaking bug that makes all progression impossible.

Forza Motorsport glitch costs players all their progress

Whenever Forza Motorsport players buy or upgrade a car, there is a chance of it triggering an infinite loading screen. The game gives no indication of an error occurring, and it lacks any system to time out if a load takes too long. “The game will just hang there indefinitely,” says one player on the Forza Forums.

Players then have no choice but to restart the game, which corrupts or desynchronizes all the game’s cloud saves. Since Forza Motorsport is always online and requires the cloud to function, there is no way to progress after this glitch occurs. The game also doesn’t let players delete their desynchronized saves.

As a result, one glitch causes Forza Motorsport players to lose all progress in the game’s early access version. They also temporarily lose access to the game entirely. The glitch does not happen every time players purchase or upgrade a car. This isn’t an isolated incident, as multiple players are reporting the same thing. It also doesn’t appear that players have any way of fixing the problem on their end.

Players should always go into an early access game expecting some bugs, even potentially game-breaking ones. This is also not the only serious bug in the early access version of Forza Motorsport. However, it’s concerning that the game has such a crippling glitch only a few days out from release.

Hopefully, developer Turn 10 Studios will make this a top priority and patch it before the game releases on October 10.  

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