Monopoly Go Singles Day Tournament Rewards November 13 14 2023

Monopoly Go Singles Day Tournament Rewards List for November 13-14, 2023 [Update]

The Monopoly Go Singles Day event has arrived once more with a slew of new tournament rewards. Like the Pamper Pursuit tournament that this replaces, it only lasts for a day. You can earn event points by landing on railroad spaces and performing shutdowns and heists. Some of the milestones should have additional Egyptian Treasures pickaxe tokens, so we recommend giving this particular tournament higher priority than most if that’s true. There will likely be one more tournament that will take place during the Tax Refund main event. The event will end on November 14, 2023 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Here’s a breakdown for all of the placement rewards for the Singles Day tournament in Monopoly Go for iOS and Android.

What are the rewards for the Monopoly Go Singles Day tournament?

The list of ranking rewards for the Singles Day event for Monopoly Go has been broken down below from the lowest 50th place to the highest first place:

  • 50th Place to 16th Place – Cash
  • 15th Place to 11th Place – Cash x 5 + 50 Free Dice Rolls
  • 10th Place to 9th Place – Cash x 10 + 200 Free Dice Rolls
  • 8th Place – Cash x 12.5 + 250 Free Dice Rolls
  • 7th Place – Cash x 12.5 + 300 Free Dice Rolls
  • 6th Place – Cash x 15 + 350 Free Dice Rolls + 1 Gold Blue 4-Star Sticker Pack
  • 5th Place – Cash x 20 + 400 Free Dice Rolls + 1 Gold Blue 4-Star Sticker Pack
  • 4th Place – Cash x 25 + 500 Free Dice Rolls + 1 Gold Blue 4-Star Sticker Pack
  • 3rd Place – Cash x 30 + 600 Free Dice Rolls + 1 Gold Purple 5-Star Sticker Pack
  • 2nd Place – Cash x 40 + 750 Free Dice Rolls + 1 Gold Purple 5-Star Sticker Pack
  • 1st Place – Cash x 75 + 1500 Free Dice Rolls + 1 Gold Purple 5-Star Sticker Pack

What are the Monopoly Go Singles Day milestones?

[Update] The following is the list of the 30 milestones for the Singles Day tournament for Monopoly Go:

  1. 25 Event Points – 5 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  2. 60 Event Points – 50 Free Dice Rolls
  3. 55 Event Points – 1-Star Green Sticker Pack
  4. 85 Event Points – 75 Free Dice Rolls
  5. 145 Event Points – 6 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  6. 170 Event Points – 2-Star Orange Sticker Pack
  7. 140 Event Points – 8 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  8. 180 Event Points – 140 Free Dice Rolls
  9. 190 Event Points – 10 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  10. 200 Event Points – 5-Minute High Roller Bonus
  11. 215 Event Points – 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack
  12. 235 Event Points – 12 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  13. 240 Event Points – 175 Free Dice Rolls
  14. 300 Event Points – Cash
  15. 375 Event Points – 275 Free Dice Rolls
  16. 400 Event Points – 15 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  17. 425 Event Points – 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack
  18. 500 Event Points – Cash
  19. 600 Event Points – 400 Free Dice Rolls
  20. 650 Event Points – 30 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  21. 550 Event Points – Cash
  22. 700 Event Points – 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
  23. 800 Event Points – Cash
  24. 1000 Event Points – 650 Free Dice Rolls
  25. 900 Event Points – 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack
  26. 1300 Event Points – 40 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  27. 1500 Event Points – Cash
  28. 1600 Event Points – 15-Minute Cash Grab Bonus
  29. 1600 Event Points – Cash
  30. 2000 Event Points – 1300 Free Dice Rolls

[Original] As noted earlier, the various gifts you’ll obtain during this tournament may incldue pickaxe tokens for the Egyptian Treasures mini-game. These will be mixed in with usual gamut of cash, sticker packs, and additional dice rolls that everyone needs. For the big reward, you will receive 1300 free dice rolls. We’ll update this article with the full list of gifts at a later time if we get more info on them.

Since this isn’t just your plain tournament, we recommend spending any saved dice rolls you’ve got on this. With the new mini-game running at the moment, you will more than likely gain enough free dice rolls to compensate you as you move through the event.

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