MW3 How to Level up Guns Fast Quickly

MW3 Fastest Way to Level Up Guns and Get Weapon XP Quick in Modern Warfare 3

To unlock new weapon attachments and variants Modern Warfare 3, you need to level up your guns. This guide will show you the fastest ways to level up guns in MW3, so you can quickly get to max rank and unlock all the parts and camos.

There are a ton of new guns in MW3, and all the weapons from MW2 carry over into the new game. Added together, these make up the biggest arsenal in a Call of Duty game to date. As impressive as this is, what’s more shocking is how long it’ll take for a new player to grind all these guns to their max level.

Fastest Ways to Rank Up Guns in MW3

Here are the fastest ways to farm XP for your guns in Modern Warfare 3:

Use Double Weapon XP Tokens

MW3 Double Weapon XP token

Use double weapon XP coins to level up your guns in MW3 even faster. These carry over from MW2 and can be found in your XP token inventory. You can get them in a number of ways, such as through battle pass ranks, special promotions, etc. As their name suggests, when you use these coins, you get twice as much XP, which speeds up your leveling process.

Invasion Mode

Invasion mode plays like Ground War but has both AI and human enemies. On average, you’ll get more XP for your weapon in this mode because both AI and player kills count toward your progress. This is the mode to choose if you still want to experience plenty of PVP. However, it’s easier to farm AI enemies for steady XP gains, even though they give less XP per kill.

Zombies Mode XP Farm

You can get a lot of weapon experience in MW3 Zombies. Equip your weapon of choice to your loadout (or find it on the map) and use it against the zombies. Here, competition is lower, so you can focus on getting kills and XP.

Other Tips for Fast Weapon Leveling in MW3

  • Consistent Weapon Use: Make sure you always use the weapon you’re trying to level up, even when you switch classes or play styles.
  • Weapon-Specific Challenges: Completing these will earn you a lot of bonus XP.
  • Attachment Challenges: Finish attachment challenges to get extra XP.
  • Daily Challenges: In the lobby, look for daily challenges that have to do with weapons and finish them.
  • Double XP Events: Take part in events that give double XP to level up twice as fast.
  • Prestige Tokens: You can use Prestige Tokens to get double weapon XP for two hours.

By using these tips, you’ll be able to level up your guns quickly and easily in Modern Warfare 3, allowing you to unlock variants and attachments that let you use them to their full potential.

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