MW3 Legacy Fortress Doors Unlock Keycard Location

MW3 Zombies Legacy Fortress Doors Keycard Location in Modern Warfare 3

In MW3 Zombies, opening the doors to the Legacy Fortress is hard but worth it. You will need the Legacy Fortress Keycard to do this job. Here are the steps you need to take to get it.

How to Get the Legacy Fortress Keycard in MW3 Zombies

To open the Legacy Fortress doors in MW3 Zombies, you need to find the right keycard.

  1. Start a Game of MW3 Zombies: Enter a session and make preparations for the mission that lies ahead.
  2. Collect 5000 Essence: This is necessary in order to Pack-A-Punch your primary weapon. Pick a weapon that complements your play style and can perform well in high-pressure scenarios while you fight.
  3. Acquire a Stronghold Keycard: A Stronghold Keycard is the next thing you need to find. In-game activities, such as achieving specific goals or looting, can help you do this.
  4. Raid a Mercenary Stronghold: Locate a Mercenary Stronghold on the map once you have the Keycard. These fortresses are well-guarded, so get ready for a tough fight.
  5. Obtain the Legacy Fortress Keycard: Once you’ve cleared out the Mercenary Stronghold, look for a safe inside it. The highly sought-after Legacy Fortress Keycard is inside this safe.
  6. Prepare for Legacy Fortress: It’s best to get your weapon upgraded to Level 2 at the Pack-A-Punch machine and put on at least a 2-Plate Armor Vest before going to the Legacy Fortress to make you safer. However, if you have the time, get a bit more essence, level your weapon up to level 3, and find a 3-plate carrier.
  7. Locate Legacy Fortress: You’ll find the Legacy Fortress in Part D2 of the Urzikstan map. It’s located west of Popovv Power.
MW3 Zombies Legacy Fortress Location Map

Strategy for Raiding the Legacy Fortress

You can start the raid once the Legacy Fortress doors are open in MW3 Zombies. Here’s a few tips to see you through:

  • Team Up: Consider bringing a squad for both the Mercenary Stronghold and the Legacy Fortress. The challenges in these areas are significantly more manageable with a team.
  • Use Effective Equipment: Equip gear like Drill Charges to handle tough enemies, such as riot shield mercenaries.
  • Be Tactical: Approach the fortress and its defenders strategically. Be ready for heavily armored enemies, sentry turrets, and mines.

You can get different things, like Perks, Schematics, Wonder Weapons, and the Tactical Negotiator Blueprint, by raiding the Legacy Fortress and beating the Legacy boss. Remember that the best way to conquer the Legacy Fortress in MW3 Zombies is to be patient and plan ahead.

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