MW3 Is the Win Matches to Earn More Points Bonus Challenge Bugged

MW3 Is the Win Matches to Earn More Points Bonus Challenge Bugged in Modern Warfare 3?

In MW3, you can get the “Win Matches to Earn More Points” Bonus Challenge after completing your Armory dailies. However, some players think this is bugged because it seemingly remains stuck at “0/1.” Of course, this is frustrating because if it’s not working, players can only get more Armory unlocks once their Daily Challenges refresh in Modern Warfare 3. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Is the Armory Bonus Challenge bugged in MW3?

The “Win Matches to Earn More Points” Bonus Challenge isn’t bugged in Modern Warfare 3. It’s stuck on 0/1 because it’s meant to be an ongoing challenge until your dailies reset. The UI never shows it as complete because the challenge starts over again as soon as you finish it. As you continue to gain points in multiplayer matches, you’ll complete the bonus challenge repeatedly, and it’ll count toward Armory progress.

As long as players keep playing hard, this method will keep rewarding them. When you win a match, the task starts over, so you can do it again to get more points. It’s meant to keep you interested and give you a reason to keep playing once your dailies are done. Unfortunately, Modern Warfare 3’s poor UI and persistent challenge-related issues can lead players to believe the bonus challenge is glitched.

In addition, this challenge system rewards regular players and motivates them to keep playing. Not only do you get better at the game by playing and winning matches, but you also earn more points for the Armory, which a ton of loadout options are locked behind. The goal of the game is to reward skill and persistence, so this method fits with that.

The focus of MW3 is on a never-ending cycle of rewards. This makes the game exciting and gives you something to work toward every time you play.

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